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At Xpertech, we design and deliver solutions personalized solutions that match your needs. Our home lighting automation solutions create elegance, ambiance, convenience and comfort while being energy efficient. Our smart home features help make your home or office secured and easy to control.  We pride ourselves at providing you with a wide variety of solutions to meet all your home automation needs through our vast network of domestic and international vendors.

In Lighting Automation we are Authorised Dealers for 

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Xpertech Systems Home automation service providers, Teletask Logo

More than 30 years of experience in home automation.

Teletask provides automation to improve comfort, security and energy management in your home. Due to high level of integration and design their automation solutions are also found in hotels, project development and company buildings.

Xpertech Systems Home automation service provider, Rako logo

Rako is leading the way in providing state of the art digital dimming technology, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications with lighting systems that are simple to use, creative, easily installed and cost effective.


They have a Wireless and Wired Solution which is a Pure Retrofit Soluton


Designed and manufactured in the UK.

In A/V Automation we are Authorised Dealers for

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Xpertech India Home automation service providers, Elan Logo

An ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System offers an almost infinite variety of music from your media, or from the cloud, in true audiophile sound. It also offers a world of dazzling visual entertainment, from movies, sports, news and more, for all the rooms. All these automation solutions are integrated seamlessly with the other systems that make your home comfortable, safe and easy to control. They provide a control system for everything, ranging from climate and lighting to video surveillance and security.

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