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Teletask Automation

Key elements that define the success of the TELETASK product line: Full integration, ease of use, its exclusive design and state-of-the-art technology.



The different functions which are managed by the TELETASK system are all linked with each other. Opening a window will automatically shut down the heating/air-conditioning. When leaving the house, a simple push on a single button is enough to shut down the lights and wall sockets, change heating/cooling settings, control the curtains, stop the music playing, arm the security system, etc…



You don’t need a PhD in electronics to use the TELETASK system. Each of the controls, from standard push buttons up to touch panels and touch screens, are well organised. Every function is easily accessible and clearly indicated where necessary. Within no time the user is able to control all lights, curtains, temperatures and much more.



TELETASK recognizes the need for a balanced interior design. Control panels have been carefully designed and a choice of front plate colours is available. Stainless steel, Solid glass and solid aluminium are commonly used materials at TELETASK. It returns sustainable solutions with respect to our environment.



All TELETASK interfaces are connected to the high- speed “AUTOBUS” which makes cabling simple, reliable and future proof.

Among the interfaces you can find touch panels and touch screens using the latest (projected) capacitive touch and nanotechnology electronics.

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