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Elan Controller

The ELAN g! System Works Better with the Best

ELAN partners with other best-in-class entertainment, climate, security, lighting, irrigation and other home automation companies to make sure our products and theirs work together seamlessly. It is this proven integration that makes an ELAN g! System the safe foundation of any Smart Home control solution you desire.




Besides our own signature brands Niles and Sunfire, the ELAN g! System integrates with most consumer electronics brands, all major television manufacturers, and is optimized to stream the leading Cloud and digital sources.




Whatever kind of heating and cooling solution you choose can be controlled by the ELAN g! System, anywhere in the house or from anywhere in the world.




Smarter security combines perimeter security and video surveillance with fire, water and smoke detection, and offers Smart Alerts and Smart Fire Alarms that turn off HVAC and turn on hallway and exterior lighting. Remote access offers additional peace of mind.




The level of control we offer not only includes electronic lighting, but also motorized shades and drapes, to give you the widest possible choices of mood, appearance and efficiency.




An ELAN g! System allows you to schedule and revise irrigation at home and away, to protect landscaping and conserve water.





Automation keeps costs down. Control offers the maximum flexibility to meet your needs and lifestyle.





Integrating with leading cameras and servers, an ELAN g! System allows you to check on a baby sleeping in the next room - or check your whole house when you're away.

Elan media automation control service provider, Xpertech
Elan smart home control automation service provider, Xpertech
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