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Horizon Series

HORIZON is the most versatile and easiest to use true FHD home projector from XGIMI. It has premium features and is intuitive and powerful. It delivers the perfect FHD picture in any room for an unmatched cinematic experience every time. It brings a 1080P crystal clear image-quality, to a screen size up to 300”.  It has a resolution of up to 1920 X 1080P.  It has a super bright technology, to adjust the brightness of the images to the environment, giving you better image quality and super sharp images any time of the day.

It is easy to set up and has an automatic focus and keystone correction. The automatic keystone correction technology aligns the picture vertically and horizontally to custom fit your walls or screen for a perfect aspect ratio. These projectors have built-in AI features that find the objects in your viewing area and scales the image instantly. Xgimi’s unique engine system increases the clarity and fidelity of dynamic pictures to deliver clearer, sharper, and more realistic images. The HDR 10 technology provides a contrast ratio that allows you to see sharper images even in dark environments. The optical sensor powered with AI, allow it to automatically adjust to the room and provide a more seamless cinematic experience. It is easy to integrate with other technologies and voice-controlled devices like Google assistant.

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