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The 4k ultra short throw laser projector provides you with a home cinematic experience. The Ultra Short Throw (UST) laser technology displays breathtakingly bright and razor-sharp images. The crisp imagery and vivid colors, enable you to view every movie the way the director envisioned. The crystal clear and rich sound fills the room enabling you to have an audio experience like none other. This allows you to hear and feel more.

Aura’s 60Hz Motion Compensation Technology (MEMC) delivers smooth, stellar images to enhance your TV viewing or video gaming experience. Aura projectors are easy to integrate with other technologies and can be controlled using your voice activated devices like Google Assistant. Aura laser projectors have a longer lifetime than traditional TVs and continue to deliver crystal clear images and sound, year after year.

Aura laser projectors deliver rich color depth, vibrant imagery, and clear sound for an unparalleled viewing experience right in the comfort of your house.

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