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Video Door Phones

Telephone entry systems with cameras are an easy way to monitor who's knocking on your door. Video door phones allow you to speak and view visitors at your doorstep without having to go to your door. At Xpertech we offer a range of wired standalone, wireless standalone and multi-apartment Video Door Phones to suit your needs.

Wired Video Door phones, Xpertch
Wired Video Door Phones


Wired video door phones as the name suggests, has a wired connection between the outdoor camera bell unit and the monitor. These units are available with a variety of monitor sizes and with the option of being handsfree or a handset.

At Xpertech we offer a variety of domestic and foreign niche brands to suit your lifestyle.

Wireless Video Door phones, Xpertech
Wireless Video Door Phones


Wireless Video Door Phones allow users to have indoor viewing units which are not wired and hence can be moved around the house and used as long as they are in the transmission range of the outdoor unit. 


Multi apartment solutions for residental buildings, Xpertech
Multi Apartment Solutions


Multi apartment solutions offer video door solutions to an entire building or residential complex. These tailor made solutions are created specifically to meet the needs of any high-rise building.  Multi Apartment Video Door Phones offer a 2 tiered level of security. The first level being at the building entrance and the next level being at the homeowners doorstep. 

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