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Time & Attendance Solutions

It is a vital requirement of all businesses to ensure that all staff are being optimized to the their maximum potential. At Xpertech we value your human resources and have solutions to help you keep track of your employees attendance,log-in and out times.

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RFID readers, Xpertech

RFID Solutions

Choose from a wide variety of RFID readers and cards to suit your businesses human resource needs. With our comprehensive range of products never need to worry about your employee's attendance marking again!

Biometric Time & Attendance solutions, Xpertech

Biometric Solutions

Biometric Time & Attendance systems allow you make sure that only authorized personnel are allowed into your organisation.Our solutions ensure that there is no chance of proxy attendance or wrong attendance.


T&A systems, Xpertech

Time & Attendance Software

 T&A software  allows HR Admins to create shift schedules, rotate customers into different shifts, monitor departments or employees and much much more making it the perfect companion for your T&A system.


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