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Intrusion Alarm Systems​

Intrusion Alarm Systems are designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building or compound. These systems are a perfect way to protect your home from theft or intruders. These alarm systems use a combination of motion, contact, glass breakage sensors connected to a main arming unit. At Xpertech, we offer, install and service a variety of wired and wireless intrusion alarms. 

Wired Intrusion sensor, Xpertech
Wired Intrusion Systems

In a wired intrusion alarm system sensors are hardwired to the main arming unit. Such systerms are perfect for new homes or home rebuilds. 

Wireless Intrusion sensor, Xpertech
Wireless Intrusion Systems

In  a wireless intrusion system the sensors are wirelessly connected to the main arming unit. These systems are perfect for connecting them to existing homes or commercial properties.

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