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Access Control Systems​

Our solutions ensure that only the people you allow can enter your office or home ensuring your privacy and security. 
We offer a variety of different access control systems which can be operated via RFID, Fingerprint and access codes. We also have a host of different automated locks which ensure your security no matter the type of door.

Contactless mode of entry, Xpertech
RFID Solutions

RFID solutions allow our customers a convenient contactless mode of entry. 

Fingerprinting, Facial recognition, Xpertech
Biometric Solutions

We offer a range of biometric solutions ranging from fingerprinting, palm vein and facial recognition products to ensure that only you can access your space. Biometric access control solutions ensure that your access is not misused by anyone else.

Digital Door locks, Xpertech
Digital Door Locks

With Digital door locks you can now monitor who enters or leaves your home remotely. Not only does it offer you the oppurtunity to monitor your house but also safe guards your home with a wide range of biometric, rfid or password based security options to ensure complete security against thieves. 

Automated Locks, Xpertech
Automated Locks

Automated locks allow our customers to grant access to visitors from wherever they are at home or office with the press of a button. These systems are a brilliant additions to Video Door Phone units or for restricting access in an office environment. We offer a range  electromagnetic, deadbolt or door strike systems.

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